About Radial Theater Project

Since its establishment in 2011, Radial Theater Project has been dedicated to creating and presenting original and innovative theatrical works in collaboration with local theater artists. For many of its world premieres, Radial commissions a playwright (or a group of playwrights) to create a new play with specific actors in mind, and then develops the work with all participants working together as equal partners. Other productions are based on new or existing scripts.

In 2015, Radial Theater Project created and presented the Locally Grown Performance Festival at New City Theater. In 2016, Radial Theater Project took over management of the space originally known as New City Theater and created 18th & Union, a performance and community space that serves as a home for solo and other portable performance and visual art, including theater, music, dance, comedy, and improv.

18th & Union now stands on its own as one of Seattle's outstanding small performance venues, while Radial Theater Project continues to present new and innovative theatrical works.

Past Productions

Karaoke Suicide is Painless *
written by Celene Ramadan
directed by David Gassner
performed by Terri Weagant
Seattle Solo Performance Festival, 2011

99 Layoffs *
written by Vincent Delaney
directed by David Gassner
performed by Aimée Bruneau and K. Brian Neel
ACT Theater Central Heating Lab, 2012

Beating Up Bachman *
written by Wayne Rawley
directed by David Gassner
performed by BASH Theatre Company
co-produced with BASH Theatre
West of Lenin, 2013

conceived and directed by Aimée Bruneau
written by Keri Healey, K. Brian Neel and Wayne Rawley
performed by Erin Stewart and Sam Hagen
Seattle Fringe Festival, 2013

written by Aimée Bruneau, Sam Hagen and Erin Stewart
directed by Aimée Bruneau
performed by Sam Hagen and Erin Stewart
Seattle Fringe Festival, 2014

Locally Grown 
A festival of local performance featuring original works by José Amador, Amontaine Aurore, Ricky Coates, Jennifer Jasper, Yana Kasala, Mike Mathieu, Keira McDonald, K. Brian Neel, Sara Porkalob, and Ryan Sanders
New City Theater, 2015

An Oak Tree 
written by Tim Crouch 
directed by K. Brian Neel 
performed by David Gassner and guest 
Seattle Fringe Festival and 18th & Union, 2016

White Rabbit Red Rabbit **
written by Nassim Soleimanpour
performed by a different actor at each performance
18th & Union, 2016

written by Yussef El Guindi
directed by David Gassner
performed by Nik Doner and Sam Hagen
18th & Union, 2018

Cell Phone Waiting Lot *
4 short plays about life in a parking lot
written by Andrew Lee Creech, Jackie De La Cruz, Nick Edwards, and Maggie Lee
directed by Julia Griffin
18th & Union, 2018

1984 **
by George Orwell
adapted for the stage by Michael Gene Sullivan
directed by David Gassner
featuring Brad Cook, Marianna de Fazio, Ryan Higgins, K. Brian Neel, Michael Ramquist and Lyam White
18th & Union, 2020 and 2022

The Pandemic Plays *
five short plays about life during the plague
written by Lenore Bensinger, Danny Bryck, Maggie Lee, Darby Sherwood, and Jacqueline A. Ware
18th & Union, 2020

My Body No Choice
A reading of monologues by Lee Cataluna, Fatima Dyfan, Lisa Loomer, Dael Orlandersmith, Sarah Ruhl, Mary Hall Surface, V (formerly Eve Ensler), and "Anonymous", presented in cooperation with Arena Stage in Washington, DC. 
18th & Union, 2022

* World Premiere
** Local Premiere