Audio Cues

Audio Cues is an app for Android devices. With just an Android phone or tablet, or even a Chromebook that supports the Google Play Store, you can create and run simple sound designs for theater, dance, and other live shows. It can also be used by yoga teachers, massage therapists, or anyone else who wants to create and run playlists of music and other sound effects.

Audio Cues supports two different kinds of cues:

  • AUDIO cues work with all standard audio file formats, including WAV, MP3, OGG, MPEG, and more.
  • FADE cues can change volume, pan from left to right, or serve as Stop cues

All cues have these features:

  • Cue number and title
  • Master, right and left volume
  • A trigger, set to the Go button or to be triggered automatically with or after the previous cue
  • A delay to let the cue run a certain amount of time after the trigger
  • A shortcut to trigger the cue from a Bluetooth keyboard or remote control

Audio cue features include:

  • A target pointing to a particular audio file
  • Number of play times, with support for infinite loops

Fade cue features include:

  • A target pointing to a specific audio cue, or to all running cues
  • A fade duration
  • Stop the target audio cue(s)

Other features include:

  • Integration with Google Drive and local storage to transfer audio files to your Android device
  • Backup and restore of show designs to Google Drive and to local storage

When used on a device with an attached keyboard, Audio Cues supports:

  • Up and down cursor keys to scroll through the cue list
  • The spacebar to trigger the Go button
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